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August 01 – August 31, 2022

Featured Ground Cover Flat

Blue Fescue

   (Festuca Glauca)

Great accent color to the landscape. Aside from its foliage interest, it could also tolerate cold, heat, humidity, low water, poor soils and is deer resistant. Grows up to 6-8 in. tall & wide.  


Groundcover Flats

Reg. $22.00

Sale $19.80

Featured Floral Color Flat


(Mixed Color)

A short lived perennial who creates mounds that can get a height of 4-10 in. tall and a spread of 10-48 in. wide. Likes both full sun exposure as well as partial shade. Water intake is moderate. Available in white, lavender, and easter mix.

Flats of 6-pks

Reg. $24.00

Sale $21.60

Featured Tree

Laurus Nobilis

(Bay Laurel Tree)

A beautiful aromatic evergreen tree whose glabrous leaves could be used for culinary purposes. Potential height is about 10’ft. however, could be pruned to keep to a desired height. Water intake: moderate. Blooms in spring. 


24” box  

Reg. $330.00

Sale $247.00

Featured Shrub


(Teucrium Pyrenaicum)

A Semi shrubby perennial grown for its attractive, fragrant foliage and flowers; purple. Tolerant of pruning, germander is a favorite plant, grows 1-3 ft and will need regular water and full sun exposure.

5 Gal.

Reg. $24.00

Sale $18.00

Featured Shrub


(Tipu Tree)

A fast growing evergreen that produces golden blooms, can tolerate high and low temperatures. Great where a high canopy is desired. Beware of its intense root system. Water intake: moderate. 


15 Gal.

Reg. $85.00

Sale $63.75

Featured Plant

California Privet Bush

               (Ligustrum Ovalifolium)

Fast growing semi-evergreen good for privacy hedges. Blooms white flowers leaves are a deep-green oval shae. Height: 15′ wide and tall, very hearty.


15 Gal.

Reg. $75.00

Sale $56.25

Featured Vine

Variegated Sky Flower Bush


Evergreen shrub with pale blue blooms during summer, also known as the golden dewdrop plant. It is a fast-growing tropical plant who loves water. Potential height 2-10′ ft., can be pruned to keep to a desired height.


5 Gal.

Reg. $24.00

Sale $16.80

Featured Shrub

Ivy Geranium

(All Varieties)

Lots of varieties, however all will be perennial, these colorful plants will require full to partial sun exposure, and will need frequent water intake. Can grow to be 1-2 ft tall and about 3-5 ft wide. They have a wonderful scent to their foliage and create beautiful statements to a garden. 

5 Gal.

Reg. $28.00

Sale $21.00