Current Specials

for Dec 01 to Dec 31, 2019

Bulk Item

50/50 Topsoil   (50% Soil & 50% Mulch) Great to replace clay or sandy soil for healthier plantings, or for top dressing areas.
1 Cu Yd.
Reg. $55       Sale $40

Featured Plant

Rose White Iceberg (Rosea) Large shrub with profuse white blossoms most of the year. Needs very little pruning. Can get to 6 ft high.
5 Gal.
Reg. $22     Sale $15

Featured Shrub

Coast Rosemary ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ (Westringia fruticose hyb.)  Produces masses of pinkish blue small flowers and grey-green tiny leaves on fluffy shrubs. Grows 6-7 feet high & wide. Full sun or filtered sun. Blooms throughout most of the year. Drought tolerant.
5 Gal.
Reg. $18    Sale $12

Featured Shrub

Sea Lavender Statice (Limonium perezii)
Grows 2×2’ with spherical purple flowers rising above the foliage mound most of the year. Can be dried for use in home decorations.

5 Gal.
Reg. $18          Sale $12

Featured Vine

Pink Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)
An evergreen with pink opening flowers that turn white when fully opened and have intense fragrance, in spring. 15-30′ high but easily trimmed. Sun but some shade in hot areas.

5 Gal.
Reg. $22.00      Sale $15.00

Featured 24″ Box

Wilson Olive (Olea europea ‘wilsonii’) This majestic beauty is a wonderful addition to many types of landscapes. It is drought tolerant once established and is also fire and disease resistant. Slow-growing, it can be a container plant for many years. Multi-trunk type.

Reg. $300       Sale $200

Featured Shade Plant

Azalea Alaska White
(Azalea indica)
Evergreen shrub with snow white flowers late winter to early spring. Shade or filtered sun. Average water requirements. 3-5’ high, and 4-6’ wide. Excellent evergreen screen or foundation/hedge planting.
5 Gal.
Reg. $24     Sale $16

Featured Ground Cover Flat

Creeping myoporum pink

(Myoporum parviflorum)

Grows close to the ground (2-3″ high) has pinkish flowers in clusters at tip of leaf branches. Full sun. Regular water.

Ground cover flats.
Reg. $16.00     Sale $12.80

Featured Floral Color Flat

(Antirrhinum majus)
Spike shaped flowers in many colors, about 12” high, great for fall, mild winters, and spring. Flats in single or multi color.
Flats of six 6-packs.
Reg. $17        Sale $15


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