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May 01 – May 30, 2020



Featured Plant

Mexican marigold (Tagetes lemmonii)
Drought tolerant shrub flowers repeatedly throughout summer. Best to prune back 1/3-1/2 after pruning. Strong anise fragrance. 5 Gal.
Reg. $18     Sale $12

Featured Shrub

Brazilian Sky Flower (Duranta erecta)
Shrub with lavender hanging flower sprays. Blooms summer thru fall. Yellow berries in fall attractive to birds. Fast growing to 12’ high, 12’ wide. 5 Gal.
Reg. $18    Sale $12

Featured Shrub

Lily of the Nile Queen Ann (Agapantha)
Tuberous perennial slowly spreads but maintains steady height of 2-3’. Blue flowers shaped like a fireworks explosion. Blooms April to June. Sun or part shade, drought tolerant. 5 Gal.
Reg. $18          Sale $12

Featured Vine

Pink Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)
An evergreen with pink opening flowers that turn white when fully opened and have intense fragrance, in spring. 15-30′ high but easily trimmed. Sun but some shade in hot areas. 5 Gal.
Reg. $22.00      Sale $14.00

Featured 24″ Box

Strawberry Tree (Arbutus marina)
Large spreading evergreen tree with reddish trunk, saw toothed leaves, and light pink flower clusters hanging downward. 24” Box
Reg. $300       Sale $225

Featured Shade Plant

Azalea Formosa southern  (Azalea indica)
Evergreen shrub has large purple flowers with darker accent blotches, in spring. Shade or full sun. High water requirements. 3 to 6’ high, and wide. 5 Gal.
Reg. $24.00       Sale $15.00

Featured Ground Cover Flat

Rosemary trailing  (Rosemarinus)
Great and tough plant in shallow soils and nutrient-poor soils. 1-2′ high. Bluish leaves and blue flowers. Drought-tolerant. Ground cover flats.
Reg. $16.00     Sale $12.80

Featured Floral Color Flat

Petunia (Petunia)

Flowers in whites, pinks, purples, variegated.  10″ tall. 6-packs in single or multi-color.

Flats of six Flats

Reg. $17.00    Sale $15.00


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