Current Specials

for Oct 01 to Oct 31, 2019

Featured Plant

Yellow daisy

(Euryops sonnenschein)

Blooms all season long with yellow daisy-like flowers, and deeply cut, lacy leaves. Cold weather may temporarily stop the flowering. 3-5 feet tall and wide. Full sun and regular water.
5 Gal.
Reg. $18    Sale $12

Featured Shrub

Hibiscus pink color


5-7′ high shrub with pink flowers in summer. Keeps most leaves throughout year. Flowers are the standard type of shallow trumpet. Full sun and regular water.
15 Gal.

Reg. $75     Sale $50.00

Featured Shrub

Chiapas sage (Salvia chiapensis)  Bright, ivy-green, glossy, elliptical leaves that are 3 inches long and have sunken veins prominently marking the upper surface. Sun or partial shade. 3-4 feet high and wide.
5 Gal.

Reg. $18    Sale $12

Featured Vine

Potato vine purple and staked

(Solanum jasminoides)

Small purple flowers profusely displayed on vigorous vines. Plant in sun, sheltered from strong wind. Green leaves year round, and flowers most of the year. Can reach 7’ x 7’.
5 Gal.
Reg. $22.00      Sale $15.00

Featured 24″ Box

Wilson Olive (Olea europea ‘wilsonii’) This majestic beauty is a wonderful addition to many types of landscapes. It is drought tolerant once established and is also fire and disease resistant. Slow-growing, it can be a container plant for many years. Multi-trunk type.

Reg. $300       Sale $200

Featured Shade Plant

(Aralia japonica)
Large medium green leaved plant that can be grown in shady areas or as a house plant. Non flowering. Typically grown to a 3’ height.
5 Gal.
Reg. $24     Sale $14

Featured Ground Cover Flat

Star Jasmine – creeping

(Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Aromatic white 4-pointed star-shaped flowers 1” across on dark glossy green leaves. 2’ high and wide. Fast growth.

Ground cover flats.
Reg. $16.00     Sale $12.80

Featured Floral Color Flat


(Viola tricolor)

Flowers in solid colors or multi-colored flats for fall planting gives color into spring Butterfly-like colors.
Flats of six 6-packs.
Reg. $17        Sale $15


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