Current Specials


September 01 – September 30, 2021



Featured Plant

Bougainvillea Variegated (Bouganvilla)

Versatile plant that can be trained up a wall over a patio or gazebo, or left to trail across the ground or cover fences. Has thorns. Many colors of flowers, and some have variegated foliage.

5 Gal.

Reg. $26.00     Sale $19.50

Featured Shrub

Variegated Society Garlic (Tulbaghia Violacea)

Provides clumping upright texture, green and white variegated grasslike leaves, and lavender flowers that rise above the leaves, throughout the warm weather. Garlic-like smell only when leaves have recently been cut. Sun to part-shade.

5 Gal.

Reg. $18.00      Sale $12.00

Featured Shrub

Brazilian Sky Flower (Duranta erecta)

Shrub with lavender hanging flower sprays. Blooms summer thru fall. Yellow berries in fall attractive to birds. Fast growing to 12’ high, 12’ wide.

5 Gal.
Reg. $18.00          Sale $12.00

Featured Tree

Hong Kong Orchid (Bauhinia Blakeana)

This standard semi-evergreen tree takes full sun, moderate water, and gets 20′ H x 25′ W. Works well for center piece in a shrub garden.

15 Gal.
Reg. $75.00      Sale $55.00

Featured 24″ Box

Forest Pansy Redbud STD (Cercis canadensis)

Full sun and regular water. Average Size at Maturity 20 ft. tall, 25 ft. wide.

24” Box
Reg. $300.00       Sale $225.00

Featured Shrub

Purple Trailing Lantana (Lantana Montevidensis)

Sun or part sun. Low trailing habit. Available in lavender. Drought tolerant.

5 Gal.
Reg. $18.00       Sale $12.00

Featured Ground Cover Flat

Pink Myoporum (Myoporum Parvifolium)

Grows close to the ground (2-3″ high) has pinkish flowers in clusters at tip of leaf branches. Full sun. Regular water.

Ground cover flats

Reg. $17.50     Sale $14.00

Featured Floral Color Flat

Cosmos (Sonata Mix)

Takesfull sun, moderate water, needs well-drained soil. Flower blooms up to 25 inches high, and 16 inches wide.

Flats of six-packs

Reg. $18.00    Sale $14.50


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