20 Acres of Landscaping Materials

Elegant Gardens Nursery opened September 1,1999, and was a collective effort among friends. Over 12 years we have grown vastly to meet the gardening and landscaping needs of most of eastern Ventura County. From the start we have provided landscaping materials to contractors, slowly gaining a faithful clientele thru the years. Elegant Gardens Nursery strives to give trade a one stop landscaping resource to build their own elegant gardens!

The nursery is located on a twenty acre parcel just below the Reagan Presidential Library on Tierra Rejada with the entrance driveway between the 2 lion statues. It prides itself in providing a wide selection of plants and landscaping materials. In less than five years we grew to serve and maintain clientele that reaches as far as the eastern end of San Fernando Valley and to Santa Barbara.

Our family consists of three teams: sales, production and maintenance, each with the goal of providing you, our customers, with the very best.


Enjoy high quality plants and materials at the best prices available!

production-maintenanceOur production and maintenance team employs full time staff to produce plant materials as well as to maintain over twenty acres of nursery space. The production manager has been with us almost from the beginning and has been in the business for more than fifteen years. We are proud to produce over two hundred varieties of plants to give our customers the best quality at the most affordable price. From liners to trees, our employees provide the care and nurture that our plant material requires to be healthy. That is a commitment to our customers!

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