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  • 20 Acres of Landscaping Materials
    • Elegant Gardens Nursery. For over 20 years we have grown vastly to meet the gardening and landscaping needs of most of eastern Ventura County. We strive to give trade a one stop landscaping resource to build their own elegant gardens! The nursery is located on a twenty-acre parcel just below the Reagan Presidential Library on Tierra Rejada between the 2 lion statues. We pride ourself in providing a wide selection of plants and landscaping materials. We have grown to serve and maintain clientele that reaches as far as the eastern end of San Fernando Valley and to Santa Barbara.

    Plant Material

    Elegant Gardens Nursery provides a large selection of plant material that includes over a 1000 varieties of plants in sizes that range from 1 Gal. to 42 inch boxes.

    Fruit Trees, and Vegetables

    Our fruit trees have been a favorite for Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and surrondings customers. Our plants in all sizes are available for immediate sale, ready to plant, or ready to fruit. Special Orders for plants not in stock can usually be accommodated, and available within a few days.

    Fertilizers & SOD

    Elegant Gardens Nursery provides a large variety of Fertilizers and SOD.

    Genuine Marathon Sod

    It is by far the most popular lawn choice of homeowner across Southern California. Elegant Gardens provides Marathon I & II Sod fresh cut daily when ordered a day before.

    Bagged Soils

    Amended Top Soil (50/50), Organic Compost, Washed Sand (Dry plaster), Sand – Regular (Fill Sand), 50/50 Pea Mix, Bark 2”, Groundcover Mulch, Decomposed Granite (DG), 3/8″ Pea Gravel, and 3/4″ Crushed Rock, and 3/4″ Natural Cobble are among the selection of bulk soils you will find at Elegant Gardens Nursery.

    Elegant Gardens Nursery - Moorpark

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    805 553 0565

    2046 Tierra Rejada Rd. Moorpark, CA 93021

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